Saturday, September 29, 2007

Movie Night

The girls and I went to see Sydney White tonight. It was light, girlie, and predictable; just what the previews suggest with some cheese on the side. It follows a long line of modern day telling of classic fairy. It is neither the worst nor the best; the biggest difference being that it was Snow Whites story not Cinderella’s. I liked the hot or not magic mirror, the poison apple and the seven dorks. The dorks were each loveable and quirky with little idiosyncrasies that fit the Disney dwarfs’ titles. They and their run down cabin made the movie. I was happier with the minor characters love story than Prince Charming. He is excepted the second seemed sweeter.

Just because of the genre it’s obviously not for everyone (chick flick). I loved it, not sure how much of it was the company and mood we watched Ella Enchanted after, but I did enjoy myself. As much fun as it was it is more of a girls night/sleep-over renter, wait to see it if you’re interested.

Rating: 3 out of five.

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