Sunday, September 30, 2007

Second Hour

Second night of Driven by Eternity was heavy, The Eternal Home of the Dead. John Bevere spoke on reality of Hell, the myth that it is a figurative place, and the difference between Hell and the Lake of Fire. Not a night for warm fuzzies. Bevere was good. What he said seemed right on, nothing was new, it was just more concentrated. Because of the clear focus things stood out more.

In the middle he said that supernatural experience don’t save people. Events are not powerful enough to get a person delivered from Hell. As he said it I was thinking, "I disagree, I disagree! He’s wrong!" Till he added "It takes the Word of God spoken into their life" and that when coupled with God’s Word experience can make all the difference. Which had me thinking, "Shut up Liz and wait till he’s done before you critique."

Good words were said. Scott concluded the night with open discussion and then prayer in small groups, which was also good. Lastly a couple brought in fresh tomatoes from their garden for anyone interested. I have a small container in my fridge. A very good night indeed.


matthew said...

it would have been interesting to hear him discuss his views on the difference b/w hell and the lack of fire.

So obviously he doesn't think hell is an eternal destination since he distinguishes it from the lake of fire (and hell eventually gets thrown into the lake of fire).

I'd imagine it oppositely I think. I'd equate the lake of fire with hell and call the thing that gets thrown into hell 'the grave' or hades or sheol.

Elizabeth said...

Actually that is basically what he said, I was wondering why he was saying hell was different from the lake of fire. Things to think about...