Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cat Tales: The Tale of Two Kitties

Last Thursday youth group resumed with a party at the VanMeekeren’s, the family who gave me Inu. We were discussing how he has been adjusting to life at my apartment when I mentioned that I was wondering if he would do better with another cat in the house. Speculation became reality because some how I drove home with Inu’s sister, Lily, to determine if my hypothesis was correct.

There was much hissing, ached backs, and tearing about the place. I thought for sure they’d kill each other the first night and at points I had to put Inu in a separate room. Friday night the youngest VanMeekeren, who had woke up that morning to find Lily missing, called to ask when she was coming home. Her parents had explained our experiment as a kitty sleepover. I determined Sunday would be the best return day. After the Sunday morning excitement and a quick cat nap, literally Inu laid across my tummy while we both enjoyed our "Wesleyan Hour," I took Lily home.

Turned out to be more of a trade. Kima (Key-ma? I am not sure, one of the VanMeekerens named her) is now staying with us. So far she seems to be a better fit. They play well together, keep each other active, and help burn energy which works for me –I end up with less scratches. Moments ago Kima leaped off a chair onto an unexpecting Inu has he walked by, and another game of tag begins…

…It looks like another will be added to our numbers at Apartment #2.

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