Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cat Tales

The day after Inu came home I was a little worried to leave him by himself. It was the first time he’d be alone for that length of time. I checked everything twice. The food and water dish were filled. His toys were out. The litter box was set up; it has a lid and a flap entrance. I held the up the flap let Inu climb in and out to make sure he knew where to do his business. Everything seemed great so I left for work.

Came home that evening, opened the door expecting Inu to come bounding out of some corner only there was no cat. I called for him but no cat came. I looked under the couch and in a few of his hiding spots –still no cat. Then a faint mew came from the bathroom. Entering the room I found Inu’s trapped in the litter box with his face and paws pressed up to the clear flap. Not sure how long he had been imprisoned for but he was very thankful to be released. I removed the flap but it took me two days to convince him the box was safe.


Sarah Gomez said...

Was this before or after you locked him in the fridge?? hehe

Elizabeth said...

before, the fridge-time I looked in the litter box first just to be sure.

glo said...

Poor kitten

Elizabeth said...

He does it to himself.

Anonymous said...

Okay Liz.... well, that's a first. The cat was trapped in his own litter box? How weird is that.
He probably went in 2.5 minutes after you left for work and was stuck there all day for your luck.