Saturday, September 01, 2007


Exactly one year ago to the day I started at New Hope Wesleyan Church. Feels like I just started yesterday, that I am still at the beginning trying to find my footing. I still giggle internally when someone calls me “Pastor Liz”. Yet at the same time it feels like forever ago, almost like this is what my life has always been.

I find I get so use to where I am. It feels that life has always been and will always be what it is currently. I felt I had always been in elementary school, high school, college, internship, here. Those were realities and everything before had just been a dream.

So I have another year ahead of me. I am happy where I am and where the youth and children’s ministries are headed. It should be an interesting year.


matthew said...

congrats on finishing your 1st year. i know what you mean about it seeming like what's current has been forever. talk to you soon :)

Robin said...

I like pie.