Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cat Tales: Cat Nap

I listen to other pet owners tell stories of their beloved creatures sleeping in the same bed at night and I don’t understand it. I can’t do it. I love both my cats. They are sweet, wonderful, and cuddly. I enjoy a good afternoon nap with them and now that they are almost out of the kitten stage they no longer attack my feet while I sleep. But they do not spend the night in my room.

A few weeks back Kima sat at my door crying two nights in a row till I gave in opened the door and allowed her to sleep on my bed. It was the worst sleep of my life. I tossed and turned all night long. Every time she repositioned herself I woke up and time I needed to change my position I could because she was on my legs. It was horrible. I vowed never again…ha ha ha…you know what they say “never say never.” Last week she hid herself on the shelf above my bed. When I was almost asleep she pounced from the great height onto the bed. I jumped so high with fright then tried to make the journey to dreamland. It was another rough night. If you are a pet owner who shares your bed with a pet, how do you do it?

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Jecca said...

Go Kima! What a story...Mae has definitely scared me a few times. I guess I'm fortunate...I typically sleep with my legs apart, on my stomach or side, and she sleeps right in the middle of them on top of the quilt. She rarely if ever moves. I wake up because of her weight, but then fall back to sleep pretty easily. I must confess, I don't sleep soundly when she's on me, but well enough that I'm fine with it. In the early morning hours however, she is very keen on waking me up in whatever way she can. And I can't just shut her out of my room because I don't have a door/secluded bedroom....so, currently I just have to suffer through it. Some mornings are better than others.