Friday, October 31, 2008

New Dilemma

The costume crisis has been averted. This morning I did some creative shopping and with a bit of recycling and have almost completed my look. Pictures will be uploaded tonight after the Heroes Unmasked mayhem is over and cleaned up.

There is a new crisis: Scott even said I could wear my superhero costume to church this Sunday IF it fit will my children’s moment object lesson. I have no idea how to make batgirl into a teaching point. The children’s big idea is “A World Changer Trusts God.”

If you have an idea please let me know, leave a comment.

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The AJ Thomas said...

Go with the opposite - Bat Girl trusts... (utility belt, kung-fu, etc) but a real world changer trusts God. Ham up all of those things failing and then talk about someone who had no gadgets or gimmicks but they just trusted God and He used them to change their world.