Friday, October 10, 2008

Warrick is Gone

CSI use to be the must see show of my week. After youth I’d go to Danielle’s to watch it. It was perfect because don’t have cable and my TV only picks up a very fuzzy Global. The majority of my TV watching is at other peoples places. Not that I am friends with people for the televisions. But after the writer’s strike last year we just stopped getting together on Thursdays. Life just got busy and hours of CSI were missed.

But all that changed last night, a church family invited to watch the season premiere of CSI. Yay! It was a happy moment mixed with a very depressing episode. Why do we watch very depressing shows? I thought entertainment was suppose to cheer us up or something. Best part of the episode was Sarah’s return. Best cliff hanger/season premiere Nick Stokes trapped in the box and buried alive.


Julie said...

I am not a big CSI fan and I was watching about the last ten minutes because I wanted to see what the Eleventh Hour was all about. So I turned it on after the hockey game and it was a funeral and I was surprised to hear that it was Warrick's. I was shocked! But like I said I do not follow the show. Have a good weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Julie, how are you? I miss our dorm room chats and study sessions in a not really wanting to go back to school but wanting to see friends from school kind of way.

Did you like Eleventh Hour? I ended up staying for it and I thought it was great. I loved the characters. It might be one of my new shows. It scares me how much TV I watch.