Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wolfville Write-In

Nanowrimo is almost here but it is not too late to sign up. Really you could sign-up November 29th at 11:59 pm as I read on the nano site “hope springs eternal” but I wouldn’t recommend waiting. I order the writing kit for ten today. I know all you writers are anticipating earning a novelist pin. Leave a comment letting me know you are interested in participating and/or add me as a nanofriend when you sign up.

The forums are up and running again. They are deadly procrastination traps. I could easily see myself spending more time chatting about writing than actually writing. After seeing that there were other valley wrimos on the Nova Scotia regional boards I offered to organizing a write-in November 1st for any Annapolis Valley wrimos at a local coffee shop. I am looking forward to meeting up with some of local writers. If you are in the area drop by Just Us in Wolfville at 2pm.

Writing mayhem is almost upon us and I am having a hard time keeping my ideas a secret. I am still keeping quiet about my plot and character ideas but I will say the genre this year is fantasy and the title is (drum roll please)…

Memoires of a Dream Rider


Jecca said...

You know that I'm in already. You can also add my friend Jeff to the list if there's room...I will pay for our share of the kit...paypal is easiest if you have it.

Robin said...

Interesting title. And I wanna' read it.



That is all.