Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Swazi Thoughts

Swaziland has been on my mind lately. I found a documentary about Swaziland’s monarchy at Blockbuster last time I was in. It was out, but I will rent it the next time. Has anyone seen it? Then the other day I was looking for a video of Swazi children I remembered Selinda up loading and found this video and I found this:

During our internship Selinda and I considered Babe Malaza’s (Pastor Walter’s) congregation our home church. I remember some of the children in this video. It is a weird feeling hearing his interview. I want to go back. The children's hope chest also has video promos for the book Red Letters, which I bought at Jesus to the Nations this year. I think I am going to start reading it today.

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Richard Rooney said...

I think the documentary you mean is called Without The King and it contrasts the luxurious lifestyle of the Royal Family with the abject poverty of their subjects.

The documentary is not freely available in Swaziland but pirated copies are circulating. When this was discovered by the authorities there were attempts to get them banned.

I have written a lot about the documentary and its impact in Swaziland on my blog. I also write about civil rights in Swaziland. Come visit