Friday, October 17, 2008

Food Friday

Kim’s is organizing a Ten Thousand Villages gift sale at the end of the month. Ten Thousand Villages is an incredible organization. Selinda and I stopped into one of their shops a few years ago (Selinda if/when you read this it was that tiny shop we found on our Jesus to the Nations weekend). We were impressed by the quality and beauty of the crafts. What I have since discovered is that they are completely fair trade.

I helped Kim this past Saturday put up posters and hand out flyers at Just Us a local a fair trade coffee shop and the Wolfville farm market. Farmer’s markets are the best. I loved exploring each stand. There were homemade cheeses, fresh bread, vegetables upon vegetables, yummy coco treats, and some beautiful jewellery. As I walked about I saw how possible it would be to actually live on a local diet. I haven’t made fully decided to follow a 100-mile diet but since reading about others local food attempts I am strongly considering it. Here is an article I just found on ten reasons to eat locally.

And if you are in the Kentville area on October 24 or 25th stop by the fire hall and check out the gift sale.

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