Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cat Tales

One night, a few weeks back, I decided to take a walk to Avery’s a local farmers marker, convenient store, movie rental place all rolled into one. It’s a fifteen minute walk. Kima was at the door waiting for me to let her out (Inu would have been but he was already out exploring the big wide world). As soon as the door opened and she was gone.

It was a good walk. My apartment is on a remote road. There are only a few homes and very light traffic. I was able to enjoy the trees and setting sun. The walk helped me unwind, my thoughts wandered, I worked on story ideas, solved problems, realized neither the plots nor the solution would work. It was great till I had the sense that I was being followed. I turned and there was Kima following me. Not wanting her to mimic Mary’s little lamb and follow me across a main street all the way to the store turned back and headed home.

Though frustrated about not making it to the store, returning was cute. Kima followed behind me. If I stopped to let her catch up she would speed up and pass me, then look over her shoulder with a look that said, “What's taking so long.” When we got to the yard, the neighbor’s eight year old daughter looked up from her game and whisper to a friend “Look she took Kima for a walk.” With Kima back indoors I resumed my trip to Avery’s and my walk was saved.

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