Saturday, October 04, 2008

Food Friday: On Saturday

The menu planning I started last month has been a huge help to my eating, spending, and cooking habits. The time taken to sit down and plan has been worthwhile. The struggle is that when I sit down to choose the weeks meals I can’t think of any food options. My plans have lacked a variety of dishes.

So I am moving into phase two of the menu planning process. Sunday is now my new recipe trail day. Tuesday and Thursday are quick meals like take out or pizza. Saturday is about the leftovers leaving Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays undecided. I am trying to make a list of favorite dishes to rotate on those days. Still making the list of what those dishes will be.

What are meals/dishes would you put on the list?


The AJ Thomas said...

I find I get on food kicks where I really like a certain kind of food so I like doing theme weeks like Chinese or Italian or my personal favorite - Hamburgers. You could do a veg week here and Greek week there. If I had less kids and more money I would also love to institute an international night where I go to a different ethnic restaurant and try something different. Of course you might get farther with that here than in Kentville.

Jo said...

fajitas! Quick, easy, delicious!