Saturday, October 18, 2008


Project Runway is one of my favourite reality contests. The previews and editing focus on the interpersonal conflicts because that’s what “sells” but that isn’t what I enjoy about the show. The challenges challenging, the designers are always bring interesting dynamics, and when one or more misinterprets or just doesn’t “get it” the results can be hilarious (If you watched this season the whole Olympic confusion is a perfect example). I love the challenges, the shopping at Mood, the fabrics, and the finial runway.

Every season I have a designer or two that I root for and they never win. All that changed this season when my girl Leanne Marshall took home the prize. She had a gorgeous collection inspired by the ocean and waves. There was such a class and architecture to each piece. You can learn more about the show, winner and finial runway designs here.


Glo said...

oh I am sad i missed the Finally of that show. and yeah Leanne won. she was one of my favorites too.

Elizabeth said...

Glo, are you participating in Nano this year? Second, you can find the finally on youtube. Just search for Project Runway Season 5.