Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Countdowns, Kick-Offs, and Day Two

It’s the last week of October; when did that happen? There are only six days till November and the crazy adventure that is NaNoWriMo. SIX DAYS! Who sped up time? I feel like I've missed this month, but I didn't. I request a special extra week between Oct 31 and Nov 1st . And yes, I forgot again there isn’t time between trunk or treat and the start of novel writing…..again *sigh*

More Countdowns:
5 days till Trunk or Treat "Heroes Unmasked"
9 days till Encounter weekend @ BBC
16 days till vacation
17 days till Hal-Con
31 days till "Write All Night" (a 7-7 up all night writing marathon)
41 days till the "Thank God It's Over" Party
54 days till the children's Christmas musical (rehearsals began three weeks ago)
61 days till I see my family!

Wolfville Wrimos Kick-Off
Last night was the first NaNoWriMo event of 2011. I was nervous that no one would show up but people came and we pre-nanoed. I handed out calendars and important information, had a few activities, and we played Once Upon a Time. It was a great group; my only concern about NaNo at the moment is my lack of plot ideas. Normally I have a full outline, characters, the conclusion, and a few key scenes floating around in my brain. At the moment all I know is that there will be dragons.

Day 2
I found out today that Apartment Therapy’s 20/20 Home Cure is back! I don't really have the time to participate but I really like the challenges...so I'm going to try. Today's task. Buy flowers which I am going to go do right after I post this.


Glo said...

I'm glad you are nanoing! i wish i had the ability to get with my nano regional group, but there are in Lexington and I have a busy social calender already. thanks for sharing Apartment Therapy, and hope trunk or treat goes well!

Jecca said...

<3 apartment therapy videos :)

Happy November! I'm planning to participate in Nano, but again with no ideas or time. I'm just so in love with the idea of it that I have to try. :)

(October did disappear somewhere, but I do love Nov and Dec even with the snow, so I say, Come November!)