Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Mollie

I am thankful for...
Mollie Van Meekeren

First, let me explain the picture, it was from the Alice in Wonderland themed thrift shop formal, yep.

On with the blogging, I met Mollie my first Sunday at the church five years ago. She's going to graduate this year...time flies. But it's been wonderful knowing her. She is creative, and resourceful, and hilarious, and fun, easy to talk with, and just great. Also she has participated in NaNoWriMo with me the past three years. I spent the afternoon with Mollie. She was helping me get ready for trunk or treat. There were so many little tasks I could not have done without her and on top of that errands and decorating are much more fun with a friend. I am thankful for Mollie -yay Mollie!

Announcements Unrelated to Thankful Thursday (but important to me):
1. Day four's 20/20 challenge is to remove something from your home. I've piled a number of cardboard boxes in my entrance to crush "someday" today is that day.
2. Trunk or Treat is 3 days away.
3. National Novel Writing Month is just 4 days away.
4. I was talking to mum this week and I realized I hadn't shown her my new hair-look. For those who aren't on facebook pictures will be up tomorrow.

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