Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14's Friday Five

This week's question is Out of Place
  1. What non-food items are in your refrigerator or freezer?
    The green bin or the cat food (the cats get into their food if I store it anywhere else).
  2. What non-book items are on your bookshelves?
    Everything...puzzles, figurines, a can of coffee from Japan, pet rocks, a Jesus action figure, puppets, a single purple mitten, a cub car, sunscreen, aloe vera, lint brush, static guard, CDS, DVDs, deploma, ordination certificate, a cabbage patch kid, a Jesus and his thirteen disciples in a boat playset, and many pictures, a jar of coins, and a jar of skittles.
  3. What song or album in your music collection doesn’t fit in with your usual tastes?
    It's all eclectic so it all fits
  4. What item in your wardrobe really doesn’t match anything else?
    It all fits...except the clothes that don't fit me but I haven't let go of yet.
  5. What scar on your body did you receive in the unlikeliest of ways?
    All my scars makes sense, I'm just boring.

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