Saturday, October 29, 2011

TV Talk: Reality Shows

I had posters to paint this afternoon. While I worked I caught up on a few shows starting with the season 9 Project Runway finale. I was totally surprised by the episode. When I watched the previous episode I had missed the very end. I had seen that Kim was in so I assumed that my favourite Anya was out. It's silly but I almost didn't watch the finale cause I didn't care enough about who won. I thought for sure it would be Victor with a chance for Josh.

I was so surprised by the recap to learn that the judges had kept all four designers. Of all the fashion shows/finales this was my favourite. Everyone has something interesting in their collection. I was glad I wasn't having to decided the winner. After seeing collects, I was rooting for Anya but had expected Josh to win. I was very surprised that Anya was the judges choice. You can see her whole collection at Lifetime TV Project Runway site. The dress shown was my favourite piece in her fashion show collection.

After Project Runway I watched this past week's Survivor: Pacific Island "Trojan Horse" episode. I am not sure how I feel about Coach's prayers. Up until this week I've been rooting for Coach to win. He's a strong competivie player and this is the first time watching him play the game that I don't think he's a joke. However he seems to be using "faith" the control the team. I agree with one of the girls that praying to find the idol when you have the idol is slimy.

The more interesting aspect was Ozzy asking to be voted out. This was either incredibly smart or the biggest mistake in Survivor history (and there have been so horrible slips). This is his thinking. The merge is going to happen, the girl on Redemption Island has won five challenges. If he goes to the duel and defeats her he'll return to his tribe a hero and give them the numbers at the merge. This plan rests on two big assumptions 1) the merge is happening next and 2) that he'll win the duel. Ozzy might not win the challenge. He has no idea what the duel will involve. It might not be something he can win and all of the duels this season have been close. The other big issue is the tribe's strength. If the merge doesn't happen then the tribe is down a strong player. A loss would mean they would be down two or more votes at the merge. This choice might have set them up for a losing streak. It's a huge risk....which is going to make next week's episode fun to watch. I'm hoping it goes as Ozzy plans but kind would like to see it fail to...I feel horrible for that.

PLOT BUNNY: All this reality show talk reminds me of a plot idea I got at Tuesday's NaNo information meeting. The title of the novel would be "Losing Reality" and it would be about someone trying to figure life out post-losing of a reality show. It could be any show but I think something like a failed-hopeful-Bachelor-bride would have trust and dating issues with a new hatred for roses that would make for a compelling story.

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Nuchtchas said...

I loved Anya too! The first episode I was confused by her but once I saw her create clothes I knew she had something to offer. Through the whole thing I wanted either her or Victor to win, but I really wanted her to win. I was so happy she did too. Who cares if she can't sew a jacket, he looks aren't about jackets.

(BTW see how behind on my google reader I am? Yeah, I should be writing rather than reading blogs)