Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat, Thank Yous, and a Five Mile Walk to Success

The trunks are empty, the games won, the crowns created, cookies decorated and eaten, massive dark maze solved and that candy has been given out. The kids are home being tucked into bed and all the clean up is finished. This year's "Heroes Unmasked" Trunk or Treat was a super success!

This is one of my favorite events every year and it would not have been possible without everyone who took parts help. A thousand thank yous to each and everyone of you who made all the joy and fun of Trunk or Treat possible. So, thank you! Thank you to those who stood out in the cold and handed out candy, the coffee makers and photographers. Thank you to the donators of candy, painters of signs, and decorates. Thank you to the tear down crew that wrangled chairs back into rows and swept up floors. Thank you to the youth who worked for hours creating our largest and most challenging maze yet. Thank you to the volunteers who ran games, and crafts, and cookie decorating. Thank who to the families that worked together to volunteer. Thank you to those who came early to lend a hand and those who stayed late till the last job was done. Thank you to those who greeted guest, talked with families, and made this night welcoming and friendly. With all my heart I thank you!!!

This was our fifth year holding a Trunk or Treat at the church (first year we did a harvest party a few weeks earlier with pumpkin carving and other activities and last year we held the event one night earlier because of the set up time needed conflicted with Oct 31 being of Sunday). There was so much fun...and so much to set up. Earlier today, about mid-morning, after my fifth or sixth trip up and down the stairs I decided to strap on a step counter just to see how much walking I actually did today. I walked 14, 280 steps. According to a graph I found online that is 5.8 miles according to the actual step counter it was 6.5 miles.

One adventure is completed...2hrs and 55min till the next begins. NaNoWriMo writing begins and midnight and I finally think I might have a workable plot.

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