Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Little Things

Hope all my Canadian readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and are recovering from their post-turkey-feast-comas. I loved the turkey, time with friends and pumpkin pie but it was a strange weekend. The whole month has been strange. It's October already; when did that happen? Part of me is still in summer mode.

My weekend was grand with reunions, hugs, shopping, gifts, bliss and pie. Things were great but in the midst joy I felt sad, lonely, unwanted, forgotten, left-out, annoying, annoyed and irked. I was irked and mean. I felt like Tinkerbell, as Michelle Muggli explains, "The original Tinker Bell was prone to extremes in moods because it was explained that fairies could only hold one emotion at a time in their tiny bodies. So she could not feel sympathy at the same time she was mad which would cause her to be mean occasionally, even though she was mostly friendly and helpful." The mixed emotions were the root of the strangeness. It was the smallest details that were swaying my thoughts and moods (and my perception of the little things).

However it was also little things that brought me out of the dark-mind-fog and that is what I want to celebrate: a friendly "we love liz" text, many hugs, fixing knitting, breakfast at Cora's, Maria's sweet potatoes, phone calls with my Daddy, plans for Christmas, listening to the Chimney Swifts, blog comments, writing, finishing a book. the launching of NaNoWriMo's site (only 19 days away), an unexpected and amazing gift of a collection of Studio Ghibli, a perfect Jamie hug, a waltz, a great open mic, a new CD, an invitation for games, and lunch with a friend that helped with Trunk or Treat plans. All these things were small but HUGE. I love my life!

There is a lot to be thankful for how do I forget that so quickly? Life is grand!

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