Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I first saw WIP Wednesday on Best Friend's blog. WIP is "Works in Progress." I like the meme but I hesitated adding it since don't knit as often or as quickly as she does. Then I thought, "mleh, it could fun and it doesn't have to be a weekly thing." It doesn't even have to become a regular thing. It can just be a thing I do every now and then on Wednesdays (cause I like the title). It doesn't have to just be about knitting. Those realizations were very freeing so I'm going to try it...on with the sharing:

On The Needles:

Oatmeal's Baby Blanket

I picked this back up end of May, there were only a few inches. I worked steadily on it till the end of October. I was one row way from casting off and I noticed a major mistake ten inches down. Discouraged I shelved it (the baby I had attended it for was born in December). Sunday night I took the above picture then ripped down to the mistake, which was painful. I've knit three rows since then. My goal is to be done before baby turns one.

I started this when Best Friend was in the area for a spinning retreat. I've finished the actual pattern but since it is lace weight on tiny needles it needs a few more sections. I like the project but I just want it to be down.

Not Quite Done:

Once the knitting is done there are always finishing touches to take care of like blocking, sewing up loose strands, or adding buttons. I'm not good with the finishing details. I have a whole basket of owl mug cosies that need button eyes, plush toys that need to be stuffed and sewn together, and a sock money that needs a face. It is a sad time for the not quite done projects cause they just don't feel like a priority at the moment.

Writing Projects:
I started a small one page flash fiction to share at the next writing group and I started a short story that I hope to submit for the Best Word anthology.

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Jecca said...

gorgeous projects! and you have just named a main reason why i can't stand to knit...mistakes create complete despair in me when i realize i have to rip apart everything that just took me hours to complete. crocheting is not only more forgiving, but faster, easier and more fun in my opinion!