Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thankful Thursday -New Hope

I am thankful for...
My Church Family

Sunday was full. It was a good but very full. There were so many little things that had to happen. I could have easily become overwhelmed with the details (I have with putting other events together.) The Well Done party was different, when I started worrying about how _____ would get down someone would ask "Liz, how can I help you?" A family picked up the pizzas, another picked up the DQ cakes, someone made craft samples. It was awesome.

There was about an hour and half from the end of the second service till the start of the Well Done party. There was enough time to get everything set up but I would be running around like a chicken with my head chopped off the whole time. A family decided to stay and help set up. The was no "headless chicken Liz." We were ready a half hour before the first guest arrive.

During the event there were a few times I went to take care of a detail and found that it was already being taken care of. And after everything was over everyone pitched in to help with the clean up. It was all done before 4:30pm (we were done eating about 4). It was awesome. I am thankful for the families that attend my church. It was community. I am so blessed. I love my church.

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