Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Survivor: One World Week 2

Last week's episode was appropriately titled "Total Dysfunction." Salani is in trouble. The all-girls tribe is their own worst enemy. I would say the team was imploding except they were never together enough to actually implode. They haven't won a challenge yet and it doesn't seem like they can. There is no communication, no unity, and it seems no hope.

Thoughts on "Total Dysfunction":
  • I like the self run reward challenge it was a neat change
  • It was funny watching the older woman complain about the "airheads" while Kat was lounging in the ocean hoping "nobody notices we aren’t doing anything."
  • We haven't seen much of Manono (guy's tribe) so far I like Bill the most and think Colton is too sure of himself even with a hidden immunity idol.
  • During the immunity challenge Kat jumped of the platform (restarting the challenge) for no reason -TWICE! She should have gone home. Alliance loyalty in this case does not make sense to me.
  • All the girls I like seem to be on the outside of the inner circle but if things don't change none of the girls will make it to the merge.
Predictions for February 29:
Manono will win the immunity challenge again and probably the reward challenge. When the girls head to tribal council the "young" five girl alliance will hold strong and of the outsiders Christina has the greatest chance of going home.

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