Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Well Done!

Sunday was a day to celebrate.

For the past fifteen months the Kidsworld children have been giving their offering to build a clean water well in India. We collect an offering each week and everything the children give goes to the mission project. This well is our biggest project yet, but I felt it was important. It costs for a well is $2000 through the Dalit Freedom Network. When we started the giving towards the well I promised the children we would have a party when we reached half way ($1000) and another when we reached the goal ($2000).

This past November the children reached the half way goal! They had given $1000! (In total they have given 1314.34 towards the well). Because of how busy December is with Christmas the celebration was planned for January.
So this past Sunday we celebrated.

We made tiger masks and paper dolls in Indian saris. Tried a new version of tag that some website said was from India, it might not be but the game was hilarious. It’s called “Billy goat.” You mark off the space the game will happen in. The “Billy goats” hands are tied behind their back and they can only tag with their head. We watched a video about what the Dalit Freedom Network is doing in villages. Then the kid’s favourite part pizza and ice cream cake.

The best part was the surprise announcement I got to make just before the pizza. About a month ago one of the father’s and his business partner approached me and asked if they could give the remaining sum needed to complete the well. YES! So, we didn’t have a Half-Way to Well Party. We had a Well Done! We Did It party.
After I made the surprise announcement one of the girls yelled out, “But Pastor Liz, now we don’t get two parties.” After I finished laughing I reassured her that I am sure we could find a new reason to celebrate.

Other Quotes from the Day:

I told the group I had a big surprise for the group and asked if anyone could guess what it was. One guys hand shot straight up, “I know, there is going to be a bouncing castle!” That was not the surprise.

I overheard a mother ask her very distressed son what was wrong, his said, “Those boys don’t like Italian pizza, they just want pizza.”

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Amai said...

A 'well' done party sounds awesome. Congrats to you and the kids.