Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Survivor: One World

Does anyone else still enjoy Survivor?

I like the show. I wouldn’t call myself an ultimate fan. I’ve only followed ten of the past 23 seasons and some times I miss the finale and sometimes that's all I caught. But still, I enjoy the show. I like the human interactions, predicting who will be voted off and why, and I like Jeff's comments.

My absolute favorite thing about Survivor has always been about the community "tv night" interaction. I love talking about the show before, during, and after with friends. For me Survivor is as much about the discussions as the show. When Wednesday's stopped working for group TV night I started blogging my thoughts. Only I didn't blog last two seasons. The redemption island twist made predictions difficult and took away my favourite part of writing reviews (also I just had other things going on that kept me busy). BUT, everything about this season makes it look like it is going to be crazy-fun to follow.
  • there is no redemption island
  • the teams are girls vs guys
  • AND they are all living in the same camp -Awesome!
So, I decided, Survivor blogging is back (a little late, the third episode airs tomorrow night, I started writing this after the premiere but life got busy, but it's back).

These are Once World Players:
Thoughts on the Premiere
  • The season is going to be wild. The fighting between tribes started with the stealing of an axe and didn't end.
  • Stealing is wrong but I think the girls reaction is over the top. If one of them had thought to take from the guys they would have been celebrating their cunning and the stupidity of boys
  • I don’t care for Matt
  • I think the guys were wise to withhold fire but the comments about pole dancing was disgusting. The girls did walk into the ridiculous negotiations trying to use their sexuality to earn fire.
  • If the girls actually pulled off stealing the fire would have been hilarious. I also think the attempt supports my first comment about stealing.
  • I was surprised the guys didn’t opt to finish the immunity challenge. I know that claiming the victory was wise and safe. At the same time, they probably would have won and it could have helped earn votes later. Also, if the girls lost the relay it could have shaken their confidence even more.
  • I don’t get the tribal council blow up over the fire deal. Why was working near the guys camp a horrible choice? The girls might have been able to learn useful information to use later. It seemed dumb but bickering made things interesting.
  • I was sad to see Courtney leave -by injury. I liked her; she would have been fun to watch:

Okay, that's all I've got. I've got to watch episode two some time tomorrow so I can make a prediction before episode three airs tomorrow night. Yay Survivor Blog being back.

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Gloria Sigountos said...

Yeah! I love these posts! I may not watch the show but i missed your updates when you don't have them.