Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday -Life Group Leaders

I am thankful for...
Mark and Colleen Gerrits

Mark and Colleen are the hosts of my life group (small group). Each week they open their home welcoming the group with tea and goodies. I love tea and chats but life group is more than that. It has become a wonderful community were we call ask questions, share life, and find support. I am thankful for the friends I've made through the group and that the Gerrits provide a place for us to gather.

Mark and Colleen are also just great people. Their family is great. They are honest, and kind, and ready to help. They Jesus. They care about people. They use their talents and skills to help others. They are great listeners. And they are great parents passing the same values to their children. I love them!

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