Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday -Sharon

I am thankful for...
My Aunt - Sharon Stocking

Sharon has known me my whole life. She is my mom’s younger sister, a wife, a mother, and my friend. She is amazing! She is always on the go. There is always a great adventure to be had. The number of ideas, projects and priorities she can juggle is impressive. I envy her ability to stay organized (and keep up with two grown sons). Sharon is creative, dedicated, intelligent, and wise.

I love visiting her. Family gatherings are always filled with good chats, food and laughter. Living three provinces away makes those visits always long over due and too quick So when it has been too long between visits she'll call (problem is tracking me down is always a challenge). I cherish talking with Sharon. She gives good advice, appropriate kicks in the butt, and always an encouraging word. . Chatting with my aunt is wonderful. She has been one of my strongest supporters and cheerleaders. I love my Aunt Sharon, I hope she knows that, she is wonderful. I am blessed! Having Sharon as an aunt is great. Yay family!

An Aside:vI was someone's Thankful Thursday! After the "awww Re you're awesome!" I did a little happy dance. Her post made my day. Yay Re!

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Anonymous said...

Liz just seen your blog and I'm speechless something that doesn't happen often. Thank you for such overwhelmingly uplifting comments sweetheart, I've been blessed so much by you too. Thank you and hope to talk soon.
Love Aunt Sharon