Saturday, June 04, 2016

From Birthday Till Now

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and emotions. I've been so caught up in to do lists, goodbyes, and major life changes that I haven't had the time or head space to blog. I thought it would be good to share a bit of what has been happening.

As I've been remembering all that moments big and small what I am revealing in most in the wonderful people I am honoured to call friends. Friends, you make life a joy, thank you!

April 26:
Was the best of birthdays. Five years ago I began celebrating the day watching the sunrise. It was cold but beautiful.

There was breakfast with bacon at Donna's
And Jamie, Duane, and I played Firefly: The Game (with many expansions) while watching Firefly. It took all of the table many decks.


April 30-May 6
Janna and I drove to the middle of nowhere NB where I could only find service in the middle of the sports field. Last year we had both been in the same group studying the first eight or so chapters of the gospel of Mark. This year Jana was teaching a group and I was studying the second half of Mark.

It was a fantastic week. I have not figured out how to sum up the whole week yet. I encountered God is powerful and real ways. It was a week of healing and renewal and I was so privilege to have had the opportunity to attend. Also between the deep spiritual moments I had a lot of great conversations and late night chats, especially with Janna, my adopted brother Joe, and Jeremy. What an amazing week. 
One of my favourite memories: I was always running into Janna's room (if we had a break at the same time) to hug her and then I'd leave, often without saying anything. Near the end of the week I was talking to an organizer (who was also in Janna's group) and he said "I know nothing about you, except that you hug Janna." I think that is worth being known for and it amuses me :)

May 7
FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! I was working, it was fun. I have no pictures. I also spent the afternoon with Jenn. She got me a Voltron!!! I told her about how excited I am that Voltron is coming to Netflix June 10th. But I don't think my family would approve of me binging it. I loved her response, "Liz you need to look at them and say, 'Mom, Dad, I'm an adult now....let me watch my cartoons!'"

May 10
Trip to the Zoo with Alice and Justine. We were there for feeding time which was not as exciting as we had expected but still pretty neat. Also, the monkey I use to visit on class trips when I was in grade 2 was still there.

May 11
Last night of Games with the Valley Meeple Society (not their actual group name). I got to play four of my favourite games...and I lost them all and had a blast the whole time.
May 14
Mum arrived. I am not sure why I didn't take a picture.

May 16-20
So many lasts and goodbyes along with hunting for boxes and packing. Everyday it was a battle of slaying the "to do list" dragon. Friday was an especially challenging list. Talking about it with gamer friends after we said: it is like it's an extra hard boss so it has to be worth more XP. I'm totally going to level up in Adulting and gain new feats!

May 19
before                                                        after
May 21
Loading the truck day. There were all the unexpected but inevitable challenges that come with moving. The biggest was the size of the truck. We pulled in the driveway and everyone said, "all this isn't fitting in there" It didn't but the promised 95% did. I could not have made it to the end without all the friends that came out to help. Thank you friends for doing what I could not especially Eva who is the 3D Tetris champion. Look at the fabulously well packed truck:
May 22
Picture taken by Claire

And the road trip began. Donna and the caterpillar were in the big truck and mum and I were in the tiny green car. 

May 23
The road trip continued; we were in three provinces in one day. For supper we stopped near (but not in) Montreal for an awesome reunion with Joe and Jeremy (MarkEast friends). It was a nice break before the final two and a half hours of driving.
May 24
Drove Donna to see her brother. There were pictures taken yet sadly none with my camera.

May 25
I tried to get a library card but couldn't because I didn't have proof that I am actually a resident of the area yet.

May 26
I got lost in my new town but figured out how to get to where I need to pick up the sister.

May 28
Family gathering to celebrate my Dad's birthday!

May 29
Sister's very awesome ballet recital. The school did the Little Mermaid. Sister was one of Ursula's eels.
June 3
Yesterday morning I saw a sign for an astronomy night hosted by a local conservation group. Two members from the local science club set up their telescopes so that we could see Saturn. It was really neat. I had never used a telescope. We were able to see Jupiter with the dust lines and four of its moons, Mars, and Saturn with its rings.
It was very fun and I discovered that the science club is free, you just need to show up. So I think I will do that when they start up again in the Fall.

Sister and I had a girls night. We went shopping, saw Civil War, and then out for a late supper. My favourite part of the move is being able to spend time with my family.
Since we saw the movie, expect a Sister Movie Review within the next two days. I am finishing up this years Birthday Bucket List. Also I think this week Thankful Thursdays will return.

For now it is off to bed, I just looked at the clock and it is later than I planned (I apologize for the poor grammar and spelling, I'd like to blame it on the hour but it is just me without rereading.) Night.

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Glad to catch up on your adventures, since last seeing you on "especially challenging packing day" (AKA the day I broke into your apartment). We miss you tons.