Friday, June 17, 2016

Sister Movie Review: Finding Dory

Sister and I just got in from seeing Finding Dory. There was so much love and joy for this movie. We laughed, I cried, Sister mocked me, good times.

Important Information: there is something at the end of the credits so if you are going stay till the end. Also, know that we discuss the movie and there could be spoilers ahead.

Sister: There were so many great lines. Also I think the septopus is my soul animal.

Me: The Pixar short at the start was beautiful and everything got better from there. The whole thing was fantastic. It reminded me of when Toy Story 2 came out. I did not expect it to be good but the sequel was equal if not better then the original. I liked the adventure, the mix of new and old characters, the funny stuff and the heart warming (tear producing) moments. It was great to see Marlin still learning how to relax. The "what would Dory do?" made me smile. And Dory's parents are much love for the writer's who created these characters. Also cuddling otters are adorable.

Less Than Good:
Sister: I thought the short was the movie and it felt pointless but then I realized what it was and everything got better.

Me: There are a few animals I had hoped to have cameos, like the seagulls. I started to feel antsy near the end and felt they could have wrapped up the story but there were still crazy stunts that felt unnecessary. The restless feeling could also be explained by the large pop and my growing need to visit the washroom. So the cause of the drawn out feeling might have just been me, however it might not have been.

Favourite New Character:
Sister:  Hank the Septopus

Me: Dory's parents, Jenny and Charlie

Our Favourite Line (that we could remember):
Sister:  "Open Ocean is next to I don't care." -Hank (as best we can remember)

Me: “Sigourney Weaver is going to help us.” –Dory
Image Source: Enza's Bargains: Finding Dory Quotes
Final Rating:
Sister: 5 cuddling otters out of 5

Me: 4.9 purple seashells out of 5

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