Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thankful Thursday #200!

I've been putting off writing the next Thankful Thursday for over a year. Back in February of 2015 I realized that next post would be the 200th Thankful Thursday post and I wanted to do something big. My plan was summing up all the blessing listed in the first 199 posts. Turns out that eight being thankful filled pages and pages with a few thousand unique blessings. I got overwhelmed. And in getting overwhelmed I paralyzed myself. I got so focused on how celebrate the milestone that I stopped writing Thankful Thursdays, waiting for the allusive day when I could "do it right."

The waiting ends today. It might not be what I originally envisioned but if I don't write today I don't think I ever will.

My first Thankful Thursday was published almost ten years ago (9 years, 4 months, and 23 days to be exact.I used duration calculator). I was inspired by my blogging friend Amy, who now does Multitude Mondays. The series became a way for me to practice gratitude. There were so many Thursdays I was feeling down, lost, or lonely and I didn't want to write but I did because it was Thursday. And the act of counting my blessings and recalling the joys of the week turned my whole focus around. Looking at the whole I have this beautiful record of all the people and things I love about my years in Nova Scotia. So this post is for my Nova Scotian friends and family, I love and miss you:

If we ever had a meal together -thank you!
If we ever watched television or a movie together -thank you!
If we ever played a board game together -thank you!
If we ever went on a road trip, hike, camping, or another grand adventure -thank you!
If we ever shared a cup of tea or a chat -thank you!
If we ever did something silly together -thank you!
If we ever make cards, crafts, or anything creative together -thank you!
If we ever geeked out, quoted, or loved anything together -thank you!
If we ever prayed together -thank you!
If we ever hugged -thank you!

There are more memories than I can express,
     shoulders to cry on and danced of happiness,
     laughter and world saving (Pandemic),
     advice and support in adulating
     love and community.
Thank you my friends
     Thank you!

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