Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Vegan Adventure #2: Confession

I am not a great vegan. I just had a bite of Sister's bagel, when she looked at me and asked, "can you eat this?" Turns out the answer was nope. I read the package; the bagels had eggs and dairy. This isn't the first slip either. At the end of my first of six weeks as a vegan, I confess there have a few failures.

Day two I was treated to DQ. I went with an strawberry Julius, fully planning to make it "lite" so that it's made with ice not dairy and couldn't find the option on the menu. I felt guilty for a moment and then enjoyed my delicious drink. Great vegans even eliminate honey. I still haven't really stopped that. I've had peanut butter and honey a few times.  The biggest incident was Thursday, when making the family meal a bit of cheese on my portion by "accident." It wasn't much but after the faux cheese taste test the day before I didn't mind having a bit of cheese.

Really, these are minor moments. I try not to sweat the small stuff and allow myself grace.  I've had a few close calls. I almost agreed to KD last night but remembered "cheese" (can you really call that cheese?) also really wanted a hamburger tonight when my veggie dog did not measure up. I was trying a brand strongly recommended; again I've learned I don't like faux meat. Overall successful week, only five to go.

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Amai said...

The trick I find with veggie dogs and veggie burgers is to cover them in condiments. Once you pile on ketchup, mustard, onions... you don't notice the faux as much.

Those are all really reasonable slip ups, especially for your first week. The good thing is you didn't go 'ah, well I guess since I missed this one, might as well pack it in on the whole thing.'