Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My Vegan Adventure #3: Navigating the Food Court

Today, Mum, Sister, and I had a wonderful girl's day of shopping. It was one of those big malls with multiple levels, this is a big deal/trip since we live in the middle of nowhere. It also meant lunch in the food court. Mum was worried there wouldn't be anything for me and we would have to leave (giving up our great parking spot) to find food.

Thankfully that was not the case.When we first arrived I walked around the food court seeing what options were available. So when it was time to eat I had a good idea what I wanted.

I started at A&W. I've heard really good things about their veggie burger. I also like that you can substitute the bun for a lettuce wrap which I quite enjoy. Unfortunately when I got up to order I asked if the veggie burger was vegan. The first girl didn't know what that was, which is fine, I wouldn't have really known a few years ago. The manager handed me a binder with all the ingredients in each thing. The veggie burger contained milk in the seasoning so then it was to option two.

After a bit more reading, option two became a veggie stir fry from Thai Express. I was impressed. It was some of the most enjoyable food court food I've had. It might not have passed with a true vegan, the veggies were cooked in the same wok as the rest of the dishes, and I didn't ask about whey in the sauces. I was happy with my choice, I will make it again. And the smells from the other food options only made me a little temptation, that's progress.


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