Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day 12: More Flowers

It's a new day but a familiar assignment "buy flowers". If you like Maxwell's explanations as much as Jess and I you can find today's 20/20 Home Cure video: here. Earlier today I picked up some pretty purple flowers, one bunch was tulips the other I didn't recognize. They're both beautiful.

Now it's time to write. The author stats have new features this year. It shows the traditional graph, your word count, daily word average, if you are ahead of word schedule or behind, and how many words left to write for the day and over all. I still have 1488 words to write today.

I hope it goes well. Yesterday reaching the 1667 was a struggle and disappointing. I did make it to 1716, but I had hoped to be closer to 5000. I've been thinking about the opening of the story for so long that trying to capture everything down was just frustrating. I don't normally feel this discouraged till the second week. Nothing feels right, even the write in. Normally I can get a good 1500 words, out side of the word war (365 words) I didn't write anything. I'm going to write something in the middle for tonight.

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 1966


Jecca said...

i love that. buying flowers for your home. he's right, people don't do it enough, me #1. i have, on occasion, bought a bouquet of my favorite flower (white daisies), but that is maybe twice a year. I think weekly could become a manageable thing...build it into the budget. I have really loved looking at my little vase of wildflowers over the last day. it just adds something unique to the counter and a feeling of life to the air.

keep working at Nano. you can do it! i'm about to write a bit for myself today. there's no way i will keep up with the projected daily word count. those new stats just make me feel like i've already failed, big time. lol

Elizabeth said...

That's exactly how I feel the changes. I really hate the purple line up the middle of the graph. Last year as long as my daily bar was a little higher than the previous days I was happy. This year I'll just see when I am falling farther behind...grr.