Monday, November 15, 2010

Half Way To 50k!

15 days into National Novel Writing Month 2010 and I am a mix of emotions and thoughts. I'm feeling:
  • Joy about being ahead of schedule on the word count.

  • Hate towards my overall novel plot. I'm finding the story is just too serious and therefore boring to write. The characters flat, the dialog dumb, and the amount of plot holes staggering.

  • Delighted that after 15 days (+ a month and a half of prep) my female main character has a real name though I am still calling her "Monk Girl."

  • Sad that after 15 days (+ a month and a half of prep) my male main character still has no real name so I still just calling him "Farmer."

  • Frustration that I'm half way through the month and both story threads are still only on the first day.

  • Love for my writing group and the chance to plan events as the Wolfville/Annapolis Valley ML.

At this rate I should be finished the novel by Nov 26.
Or, I can complete it by Nov 30 by writing 1334 words a day.


Jecca said...

i'm so happy for you! I'm...not at halfway. lol

Anonymous said...

I've just tried writing you NaNo mail. But the words I had written disappeared before I got thee chance to send them to you.

Basically they were: CONGRATULATIONS on getting that close to 30,000 words!

And now for the sour grapes:
Who ever heard of someone stopping at 29,995 words? Couldn't you have come up with five or six measly more?

You can tell I am behind in my word count, right?
Near enough a whole week behind.

I've been writing in long hand while sitting in the car waiting for people. Or in offices waiting for meetings. And I wrote nearly my whole time at the NaNo meeting last night - my own private Word War.
(I must have just missed you - I think I left at 8:49 pm.)
Writing in long-hand takes longer in the first place and then it has to be typed up - but the typing allows for the addition of a few more sentences. (No editing of what is written, just the addition of words.)

But - joy of joys - i have just found nearly a page of writing that I did this afternoon! Probably just over 200 words - which I can expand into around 300 by the time I've finished typing it in.
Every little bit helps, right?

Still have no plot - am just writing scenes from the story. Scenes from different chapters.

Congrats again! And, see you at the next meeting,
Jane (aka JaneyinNS)

Glo said...

wow Girl, i am still at just over 4,000 words. good luck for the rest of the month.