Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Nov 10

This is my favorite season of Survivor since Australia. These people are great at creating drama. For a moment-by-moment recap visit the Global's blog. For a very fun commentary on episode 8 try Jeff Probst's blog, I love his insights and thoughts on the characters. Here my thoughts and favourite moments from last week:
  • The merge happened. The new tribe is "Libertad"
  • Jane is my ultimate favourite. I'm rooting for her to win. She says the best things. "I’ve got dogs that live in the yard. I feel very safe…. Plus I’ve got a shotgun." She's spunky, strong, genuine, and doesn't mince her words.
  • NaOnka stole food and the frying pan...and didn't get voted out. Her "accomplice" who only helped keep things quiet and ate some food gets the target. This is a strange game.
  • Jane won "girls" immunity but stayed in the game just to beat Marty. Where would this show be without the interpersonal rivalries.
At tribal council Alina was voted out and then there were 11:
Predictions for Nov 10:
I think the former older tribe is in danger especially Marty. With last week's food stealing NaOnka could be on the outs with her chick. And Benry is now without an alliance. I would vote out NaOnka or Dan. But I doubt it will go down like that. I think Marty will be going home this week.

If your like me always miss Survivor you can find episodes at (for Canadians) or CBS has all things Survivor for US fans.

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