Friday, November 05, 2010

Day 15 and a Rainy Road Trip

Bethany Bible College's annual "visit the school-experience God-maybe apply to be a student" event is happening this weekend. As a teen, I loved going up to Booster. It's since been renamed Encounter and it's not the same...not because of the name change. Every year that I've taken a group something has gone wrong from "missing kids" to goldfish murder. As permission forms began to be turned in I felt that sicking fear in the pit of my tummy..."what's going to happen this year?" It's kind of silly, there are only four students going and they're all good kids that don't cause trouble. And if they did I know I could call each of their families to drive up and collect their child. Still the feelings there. Right now it's because of the rain, high winds and the unknown road conditions. Pray we arrive safe.

On to the 20/20 Home Cure challenge. Today's assignment is to fix something in your home. Only there is nothing really to fix. There are things I'd like to change but they're huge projects that my landlord would need to be involved in like reflooring the kitchen or completely changing the bathroom/replacing the tub. Neither of those could be done in twenty minutes. I did fix something when I first read the Apartment Thearpy book. It was the door latches and I did feel empowered to continue my home improvement journey. Ta Da:

Speaking of challenges, I've added another one to my month, NaBloPoMo. It's a similar to writing your novel only it's for bloggers to post everyday in November. I was already planning to write an update so why not be apart. I read somewhere that there are prizes. Oooh shiny.

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