Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 20: Last Day

It's hard to believe that the last day of the 20/20 Fall Home Cure is here. In theory, over the 20 days, people have been adding items to their outboxes. At the end of a week the box is reviewed and the owner needs to make a choice:
  1. remove the item permanently from the home (could be sold, donated, recycled or just thrown out)
  2. bring it back into the home
  3. hold off deciding for another week. Items should only stay in the outbox for two weeks tops.
Today's final assignment is to empty the outbox. Only the things currently in my outbox only were added last week and I'm not really ready to decided -so they're going to stay another week and I'll clear out the outbox November 19th. And with that the challenge is done; it feels anti-climatic to me. Thankfully Maxwell will be doing a graduation next week so this wasn't the last video.

In other home DIY news: I re-found two of favourite home improvement vloggers today. In 2008 I discovered Thread Banger, a social network for DIY fashion. It's where I got the idea for the scoodie and my dasiy stitch scarf. The hosts/creators were Rob and Corinne. I loved their videos. As the site grew they added "Decor It Yourself" with Meg. I loved Meg's decor ideas even when I didn't care for her style. It was because of her statement "your nest needs you" that I stumbled upon Apartment Therapy. This summer the team of three informed the community that they would no longer be apart of Thread Banger with out disclosing details. I was sad. Well, today I found both Meg's new project/blog: Nest and Corinne's internet-multi-site-hub "Corinne's Little Corner of the Internet." Both discovery made me happy and I discovered that Corinne and Rob are engaged which just doubled the joy. That sounds weird, after watching their video's for three year and since they never said if they were an item or not its nice to know they have been together for six years and are now engaged. It's a happy thing.

NaNo Word Count: 20067
Personal goal for the weekend, I'd like to be half way done (25k) before Sunday night.

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