Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Sewing Fun and Birthday Wishes!

I stumbled across Thread Banger just before Christmas while looking for pattern ideas; it’s an online DIY show that encourages recreating thrift store finds and creative projects in general. One of their cool tutorials was "how to make a scoodie" -the ultimate hoodie-scarf combo. They found the idea on Craftzine which had a link to the orignial creator. I tried my hand at it. It made the prefect birthday gift for my mom, January 10th is her special day.

Happy Birthday Mom!

You can make a scoodie too:


glo said...

That is so cool, I think i might have to try one. this might inspire me to actually relearn how to soe!

Jecca said...

That is so BRILLIANT!

Combs said...

I have to agree. very very cool...I kind of want one.