Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Scribbles: “Miscellaneous”

Scissors, elastic bands, push pins, thank you cards, a sudoku book, calculator, highlighters, a white-out pen, batteries, lose change, and a few paperclips are just a few of the sundry things you might discover in my office junk drawer. This chaos is visited a few times a day, as I try to find the glue stick at the back or the piece of ribbon I saved for a month "cause it might be useful someday". Each item is necessary but has no other home -no other place that fits.

As I was brainstorming ideas for this prompt I realised my brain has a giant junk drawer. home of all the thoughts that have no other place to fit. I tried to focus on a few themes that seemed write-able but kept thinking about three story ideas I hadn’t considered since college, tomorrows to do list, themes for children’s parties, and the remnants of last night’s dream. It is like my brain holds onto all these miscellaneous fragments until I want to think creatively then the drawer is pulled out and tipped over and all the ideas come rushing (some times crawling or drizzling) to the forefront of my thoughts. Is there a way to spring clean the minds junk drawer?
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Jo said...

I relate!

How have you been? Are you on MSN anymore?

Shari said...

All my miscellaneous ideas would get lost in my mind if I didn't get them onto the computer fast. I have about 30 post drafts that contain a few sentences, a thought, or even just a title. But I had to get them written down, because I was afraid they might disappear somewhere in my mind. Don't other people do this, too?

keith hillman said...

How I identify with this! I permanently have a head full of half articles!

1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

Totally had a tray like this on my desk for several years! When we moved last month, I actually went through it to pack and toss and stuff. When we landed here in the new space, I gave the tray away :) Trying to force myself to make sense of the chaos, you know? But then, in the end, it all just found its way to a little box-drawer on my desk! Oh, well...
Thanks for sharing this!