Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cat Tales

Inu and Kima finally gave me a Christmas present this morning. I didn’t notice the gift till I was about to open the front door; on the carpet a foot away from the door lay a dead mouse -a mouse! I was hoping never to see a mouse in the apartment again; I am just glad that the first one seen since the spring wasn’t living. The cats have earned their keep. Both cats stared up at me with great pride. Kima even nuzzled up to me wanting cuddles and a gold star for a job well done. Inu rewarded himself by escaping when I opened the door. I do not enjoy chasing cats around the house in a foot of snow wearing clogs.

Next week they go to the vets for their last booster shot and to see if they are big enough to go from being he and she to two its.

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Steph said...

Nimy got "it-ed" last week. The Vet said to keep her from exercising for 10-14 days. Obviously the vet has never had a kitten. We kept her away from Hana for 5 days (they usually play together and sometimes Hana gets rough...then again, so does Nimy), but then she was (literally) climbing the walls in the spare room, so we brought her back down and she's doing great.