Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Scribbles: “New” or “New Year”

I am currently 65 pages into my newest reading adventure. I stopped by the library this afternoon to return a few books and to pick up another that had come in. Then on a whim, I wandered over threw the travel guide section and stopped in writer’s section were I found: "See Jane Write: a girl’s guide to writing chick lit" by Sarah Mlynowsi and Farrin Jacobs. It looked interesting so I signed it out.

So far it has been a wonderfully entertaining yet also an inspiring and educational read. Part one has been looking at the "big picture" of why we write. Discussing the different motives that drive an author and how writing is both like therapy and dating. I’m just starting the second section that focuses on the details of writing, like characters, style, and that annoying thing called plot.
I really like this book. I actually want to start editing my nanowrimo story (which I have been dreading pulling out). Not only that, new ideas keep popping into my head yelling, "write me, write me". I feel encouraged that I might actually complete challenges 13 and 16 from my New Year’s resolution list.


DJPare said...

Best of luck!
I love that voice that screams "write me!"
You gotta listen to it...

Jecca said...

you've got me wanting to read this book :)

tumblewords said...

Nice post - it's sure easier to write NANOWRIMO than it is to edit. At least that's my take. I haven't looked at the most recent one...although I managed to edit and self-publish the first two.
I should read the book! Good luck to you!