Saturday, January 05, 2008

It Must Be Elves

What other answer could there be to things suddenly going missing, things that I just had a moment ago? At nine I was sitting at my table; the movie that needed to go back was sitting next to me. I had to do a few other errands. I believe I picked up the movie, my cell phone, grabbed my purse, put on my coat. Drove the video store, lifted up the purse to grab the movie…it wasn’t there. I looked around the car but could find it. I shook my head in great frustration, shrugged, and decided I must have left it on the table in the rush to get out the door.

Now I am home again and the movie IS NOT on the table where I last saw it. I’ve retraced my steps –no movie. I’ve looked in the car again –no movie. In the places the cats like to hide my things –no movie. I have no idea where it could be it must be tiny elves moving things when I am not looking. Do you think the rental place will accept that as an excuse?


Jecca said...

i really don't think so. :(

Elizabeth said...

You're right, it wasn't the little people...I found the movie on the third search with the help of a flashlight. I felt like I was on CSI or something.