Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dasiy Scarf

Last week I pulled out my knitting bag to see how many projects I actually had left to finish. There are five projects in various stages of completion. I decided begin by tackling a scarf I started three years ago. The original pattern wasn’t working for me so I ripped it back and started over. The same time I found a link to a Dasiy Stitch pattern on Thread Banger. It took a few attempts and some adjustments to make the pattern work for a flat scarf and not working around three needles. The pink and burgundy stripped scarf is about 38 cm (15 inches) long; I’d love to show my progress except my camera is still missing. For the most part I like how it’s turning out.

Grandma if you read this, why might my scarf be slanted?


Jecca said...

i believe you are my resource for everything that's good and crafty. :) i love the daisy stitch! i've never seen it before...i kind of prefer crocheting to knitting, but i may have to learn how to do is beautiful. :)

Elizabeth said...

You're welcome. Just a note (something I didn't think of till the second attempt) if you are knitting with straight needles (going back and forth not around) when you're on the wrong side purl.