Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ministry Monday: Leadership

Over the past few months I have been realising that for the ministries I am leading to grow I need to focus on the leaders and volunteers. That somewhat vague concept is my ministry resolution for 2008.

Tomorrow night we’re having our first youth leaders-strategies-planning-meeting-Bible study-coffee-time-thing at one of the leader’s homes. Depending on how it goes we are hoping to make it a monthly thing. We’re each reading Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry by Doug Fields and will discuss the first chapter tonight. I am also hoping to brainstorm ideas for the year and set some goals. It should be interesting.

I still am trying to figure out how to accomplish this idea in the children’s ministry. I am not sure a monthly meeting wouldn’t work as well. Does anyone have suggestions or advice or books that have good ideas for developing/supporting ministry leaders? I think I need to crack open a few books that I haven’t looked at since college.

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Jon Dixon said...

Hey Liz, great to have coffee / tea yesterday! Thinking of books... "Making Your Children's ministry the Best hour of Every Kids Week." by Sue Miller is a great practical book... but if you're looking for leaders to develop passion for children's ministry there is no great book, IMO, than 'Transforming Children's into Spiritual Champions" by George Barna. That one won't tell them how, but it sure will tell them why!