Tuesday, January 01, 2008


During my 25th year of life I had given myself 25 challenges to complete in the year. It was tons of fun and gave me focus and motivation to actually do the things I always say I’ll do “someday”. In the spirit of my original 25 project I’ve written 52 things I’d like to accomplish this year. 52 for the 52 weeks of the year, not that all must or can be done in a week. Some of these are resolutions, some are fun goals, and others are impossible dreams.

Here are my 52 personal challenges for 2008:

1) Read through the Bible in a year
2) Memorise a chapter of the Bible
3) Make prayer journal and use it
4) Read through My Utmost for His Highest
5) Come to a place that for every moment spent watching movies or TV is also spent equal time with God
6) Start a midweek kids program at church
7) Compile all the Sunday school lessons I’ve written
8) Do a Branscombe type inductive
9) Learn to play guitar
10) Learn to speak French
11) Learn to crochet
12) Learn to locate more stars, planets, and constellations (I can currently find the Big Dipper, Orion, and Cassiopeia)
13) Read 24 non-fiction books
14) Read through my old journals
15) Edit my 2007 NaNoWriMo story
16) Participate in NaNoWriMo 2008
17) Put on paper the story that has been in my head since 2002
18) Keep a dream journal
19) Participate in Sunday Scribbles
20) Submit something written to be published
21) Draw 24 pictures
22) Create a hat pattern and use it
23) Make a vintage type purse
24) Make everyone’s Christmas gifts this year
25) Silk screen something
26) Create a board game
27) Finish all my current knitting projects
28) Make a quilt/blanket
29) Visit Australia or New Zealand
30) Participate/lead mission team
31) Visit a city I’ve never been to before
32) Make the plans for a dream trip
33) “Be younger” I took the Real Age test on December 31, 2007 is 29.3, the goal is to be a real 3 years younger.
34) Lose 10 pounds
35) No milk or cheese for 40 days
36) Be thankful (52 weeks of Thankful Thursdays)
37) Take photo booth pictures
38) Make a budget and keep it
39) Keep a menu plan
40) Jump out of a plane
41) Run a 10 km race
42) Make 24 dishes I’ve never cooked before
43) Host a murder mystery
44) Send/give all Christmas gifts before the 6th of December
45) Unpack all the boxes in my office/storage room
46) Go on an overnight hiking trip
47) Send more cards especially thank you, birthday, and just because cards
48) Have a picnic in a park
49) Mail a letter every week
50) Take a whole day to just play with my sister
51) Watch a play
52) Go on a date

I would love to complete all of the above goals but I believe that is a little impossible so my realistic expectation in 75% (or 39 of the 52) completed during 2008.


Jecca said...

This is also a great list Liz! :)

Sarah Gomez said...

Wowsers. Are there more hours in your days than mine??? Haha

Keep us posted, I'd love to see how you accomplish your goals!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Jessica.

Sarah, you're right there are not enought hours in the day, maybe I should add giving up sleep to the list.

matthew said...

Daunting. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Très bien! Bonne chance! ;)

Elizabeth said...

It is Matthew, thanks.

Merci, Danielle.