Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our Culture?

I live online. How many hours are just spent sitting in front of this screen from reading blogs to watching videos? The majority of my interaction these days with friends and family is through blogs, MSN, or Facebook. Just over a year ago I didn’t even know about Facebook, now I can’t imagine going a few days without checking my profile. Technology has change our culture and how we interact.

The plethora* content available YouTube on amazes me some days. I found this video done by a Cultural Anthropology class at Kansas State University. I find their research/presentation fascinating:

*I love the word plethora but rarely have the opportunity to use it naturally in a sentence. I am sorry if it sounds forced but in the wee hours when I wrote this it sounded brilliant.


Jecca said...

plethora is my all-time favorite word. :)

and yes, i just spent hours online last night reading, updating, emailing and browsing. it's ridiculous.

Elizabeth said...

I am glad I am not alone.

glo said...

Most my time in the office is doing internet stuff. and all my school stuff was done on line. Plethora is a great word, so is Mesinthropic.