Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I am ready to burst; there is a secret inside me that wants to come out. It’s not a big thing that I am staying quiet about, just an idea. Two weeks ago I was recording a dream in my journal when a concept for a heroine and November’s NaNoWriMo novel came to me. I learned from the first writing experience that capturing a thought that had been shared was boring. The writing lacked inspiration and joy, like the passion had gone into the telling and there was none left for the page. This the hardest part of the challenge for me because I had shared most of the plot twists with friends. I made a commitment to myself in December that no one would know a thing about my story this year till it was already on page.

Since the initial “Ah-ha” moment the story has continued to grow. Last night away to fix a huge plot flaw came to me. I love the idea and just want to tell someone. Keeping my own outline a secret is going to be a grueling lesson in self-control –I just want to burst…but my lips are sealed.


Jecca said...

stay strong liz! i know exactly what you best writing usually happens during the first telling of it (even to myself) and then i try to capture it on paper and it is not nearly as interesting or eloquent. i wish we could just magically record thoughts as we're thinking them.

Elizabeth said...

I would love to invest is a thought recorder like that, there should also be a dream recorder that captures "dream thoughts" as you dream them that you can re-watch like a movie.

Jo said...

do we get to read what you write eventually?