Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Day 13: I want to Quit Again!

I hate getting rid of stuff. I know it clutters my place. I understand I need to let go. I get that the outbox system helps...and that's what today's 20/20 Home Cure assignment is all about "decluttering my books or media." I'm going to do this after life group tonight but I am kind of dreading it. Letting go of 10% of my stuff is hard but they're asking for 25%. That just seems a bit extreme. Thankfully my precious stuff is only going into the outbox today and anything in the outbox could still come back into the house.

NaNoNews: This are looking up for my story. I am not going to trash it. Writing isn't coming easily but I still want to see this plot through. I think the struggle with writing and words is twofold 1) I am have said yes to too many things which is causing me to be overtired and under-creative 2)I am expecting too much from my writing. I know that what ever I write this month isn't going to be pretty but I expect myself to write something amazing that could be published tomorrow and I can't.

These frustrations got me thinking about my last years nano story about a human girls travels in elf-land. I want to start working on it again in December. I think when I do start working on it again I'm going to make the main character, Abby, younger. She'll either be 13 or 17.

Current NaNoWord Count: 4467


Jecca said...

extreme. i might have to agree with that. but coincidentally, i have more de-cluttering and organizing to do today. who knows what will go?!

Anonymous said...

I am now the queen of decluttering, especially since moving so much and now living in residence. When I gut out my clothes I get rid of 25% of it. I'm getting rid of every CD over Christmas unless it's Hanson or Paramore. I don't need them, I have them on my computer. Decluttering feels WONDERFUL, at least for me :)