Saturday, November 06, 2010

Enounter Highlights

So, we're in the midst of Encounter weekend at BBC. It's been really good so far. No goldfish have been murdered, I bought a new pillow (after testing six) and we sang Christmas carols on the drive down. I asked the youth what they got from the messages so far and this is the feedback:
  • "The thing he said in the first service, about not just observing the story but actually finding yourself in the story. I never thought of it that way."
  • "The second service. All of it. It might have looked like I wasn't paying attention but I was. What he said was important. Like needing to pray if you wanted to be spiritual but that you could also look spiritual and not be spiritual."
  • "The part of the message when he said about being looking real doesn't always mean you are."

Seth Fancy is being so real and honest. He's saying truth in away that kids who are very familar with the facts of the Bible and church culture are being challenged. He's showing that following Jesus is a real life thing that isn't easy but takes honest, humble, and prayerful action. It's good stuff. I see God working here this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Rainey nights are great, especially when you are driving, Christmas Carols are even better especially when sung by youth. Understanding there is plan and God has it is wonderful and spiritual growth is a blessing from God.
I am glad it was a great weekend Zizzy