Monday, November 22, 2010

Nine Sites I Like and Why

It's the last full week of NaNoWriMo and I'm a lost for words, my creativity is spent, and I've stopped being able to write or speak the English. I find I'm writing things like "Farmer’s farm is the first farm from his farm to come to because it is closer." Yep, I might be writing lots of words but no one said anything about those words being pretty.

All that to say I couldn't think of something to blog about. So I googled "something to blog about" and found "100 Blog Topics I Hope YOU Write." This was #77: Nine Sites I Like and Why:

1) National Novel Writing Month -I really only visit in October, November, and the first part of December but how else would I keep up with all things NaNoWriMo? It has helpful tips, forums, videos, and author information. It is a very important site for anyone wanting to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

2) Apartment Therapy -it is full of good apartment ideas, home tours, helpful tips, and encouraging challenges like the 20/20 Home Cure.

3) Board Game Geek -I find this a great game resource. There are facts, reviews, and ratings for over 49,000 games. It also has the latest details about game expansions, rule clarifications, neat game extras, suggestions or additions (like clay food for Agricola), and picture galleries.

4) Rhett & Link -These to guys make me giggle. I love there comical duet, the mythical shoes, and their youtube videos.

5) Doodze -a wonderful "tiny epic" comic adventure by Robin White.

6) Matthew's Blog -When he blogs it well rounded mix of spiritual insights, comical thoughts, book reviews, and sports highlights. It is also the great hub of Bethany bloggers. Sadly with busy lives, twitter and facebook fewer people are blogging but the list of bloggers is still there.

7) -I like being able to check on the status of my favourte shows, find out if they're cancelled or renewed, figure out episode names, and some of the new articles are fun.

8) IMDB -It drives me crazy when I'm watching a movie or TV and recognize an actor but I can't place who they are or what I've seen them in. IMDB helps end the insanity most of the time.

9) Annapolis Valley Regional Library -I like that I can request books to borrow from any library in the Valley online. My local library will call me when they're ready for pick up. I can also check due dates and renew books right on the site. It's nice.

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